Get High Rankings with the Best SEO Cambodia Company

You may have been trying to get your website some online presence to stay relevant in search engines. Or maybe you’re are even an SEO Cambodia business trying to get it right with optimisation strategies to rank your pages on the first page of Google. Then you need to look no further because the coolest guy in search engine optimisation recently opened a branch in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This office not only serves the great people of Cambodia and Asia but is an added asset to Ardor Media Factory, which already serves clients from around the world with practical SEO services.

Ardor SEO Cambodia customers can be guaranteed a first page rank on Google and all major search engines, as well as authority social media presence to maintain relevance in this dynamic world of internet marketing. Whether you are selling a product on your newly developed e-Commerce platform or you are simply trying to market your skills on your blog; these ranking experts will get you the recognition you so much yearn for, irrespective of your geographical location.

The team that makes up the SEO Cambodia office is made up of the following dedicated experts together with Kris Reid, the CEO of Ardor SEO:

  1. Serge Gauthier

Belgian national Serge Gauthier is Projects & Operations Manager at Ardor’s Cambodia office, and he is responsible for the management of the team as well as ensuring that all clients’ work is delivered on schedule. He is also tasked with the duty of ensuring that his team is always in high working spirits and be present whenever they need his assistance to perform optimally.

  1. Kali Mason

In love with sarcasm, memes and Mexican food, the beautiful British Kali Mason is a key player in impressing all SEO Cambodia clients because she is the lead internet marketer of the team. Kali writes eye-catching content that is deeply researched to suit every client’s needs. She also crafts great Meta Descriptions and social media posts that go hand in hand with the content being marketed to target specific audiences.

  1. Anil Ramsey

Another great brain working with Kris Reid from Ardor SEO Cambodia is Anil Ramsey, who hails from Toronto. Anil carries over ten years’ experience in SEO and has worked with various organizations to boost their online presence across Asia before he joined Ardor Media Factory.

  1. Micah Jones

Working under the experienced Anil’s mentorship, young Micah Jones is the Junior SEO specialist at the SEO Cambodia team. He writes and post content, re-indexes sites and works on the overall outlook of the websites to give them a more appealing and easy to scroll look.

Now Ardor’s customers can rest assured that Kris Reid is always dedicated to expanding his team of professionals to serve a wider base and get more businesses ranking on the first page of all major search engines. With over 80% of internet users browsing the web via search engines, any business that wants to stay relevant in the next year will find the relevance of working with Kris and his dedicated team.

Four Tips For Finding The Right Divorce Lawyer

In the recent past, we have experienced quite some marriages getting terminated through a divorce process. If all were to work well as planned, we really wouldn’t have couples separating, but since life is never guaranteed, we have seen couples who were once so deep in affection separate. There could be some reasons why you may consider a divorce. Regardless of these reasons, if you are considering divorce, then it is critical to plan proactively. Here are four tips as you find the right expert on divorce Nashville TN has today.

divorce Nashville TN

1. Don’t tell your spouse just yet

There have been cases of spouses hiding or disposing of assets when they are informed their partners of an upcoming divorce. So if you are ready to let go, it is wise that you speak to your lawyer first and keep it under the carpet until the right time and this is not really to surprise your spouse but rather to prevent them from any fishy schemes that may frustrate the whole process. Your best divorce attorney in Nashville should advise you accordingly before you speak to your partner.

2. Think about your kids

In a divorce case where you don’t have kids, it is much easier, and any lawyer for divorce Nashville TN has can help you out. However, if you have kids, and you are filing for their custody, you need a professional family law specialist who will play a significant role in beefing up your interest with the children. Regardless of how long the divorce and children custody case takes, you need a reputable lawyer who understands your predicament and is willing to support you through the process. It is very crucial to have a well-experienced family lawyer who can even arrange to have your kids counseled to be able to cope with the divorce.

3. Know the costs involved

It is exceedingly expensive to file a divorce case in America today. Divorce lawyers are charging $300 to $500 per hour to represent you in the case, which means you must put your money where there is value. You need to find divorce lawyers in Nashville who have had a history of successful representations so that you don’t lose tens of thousands of dollars. You also need to understand how your partner might respond to your divorce file. Based on how much they are ready to put into the legal representation for the case, you may need to get better services by investing more.

4. Make sure to be comfortable

A divorce case involves some very intimate information that you need to share with your divorce lawyer. As the lawyer prepares to meet up with you on the first consultation meeting, you too should be keen to understand him. Get a divorce lawyer in Nashville who is a good listener and gives attention to the finer details. You need a lawyer that will make you feel comfortable sharing your personal information with.


Finding the ideal lawyer for your divorce Nashville TN case offers an immense effect on the process and result of your divorce case. The right divorce lawyer will assist you with all post-divorce case issues like possible relocation remarriage and supporting the children till they get into adulthood. It is, therefore, crucial that you maintain constant communication with your lawyer to be informed of any changes in the law systems regarding your divorce.

For more information, visit at

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Send Parcels at Lightning Speed with Fast Courier in Sydney

Life in the digital age has become so fast paced that few people have the time or patience to go about things in old fashioned ways. Consider sending stuff from one part of the city to another or even across cities or continents. Let alone waiting for someone to actually travel from the origin point to the destination to ferry items across, people are tiring of even conventional courier services. Instead of having to lug your parcel all the way to the courier company’s local office and going through the formalities, what if you could complete the process in minutes? Well, the time may have come for you to be able to do just that. If you are looking for a fast courier in Sydney, you need not look further.

This path-breaking courier concept operates pretty much on the same principal as cab services do. If you need to send a parcel, you need to post the job using the relevant app (it takes less than two minutes to do this, by the way). Runners who service the concerned route will start bidding for it immediately. Once you are satisfied with the credentials and quote of a particular runner, you commission them to deliver your package. It will get delivered within hours and you can track your parcel every second of the time it is out for delivery. And here’s the best part – you only pay once your package is delivered and this is confirmed by the onscreen signature of the recipient. So, if you need a fast courier in Sydney, there really is no better option.

Before commissioning a delivery with a fast courier in Sydney, keep the following points in mind:

  • You can avail of the service by downloading the relevant app just as in the case of booking cabs. So you need a smartphone and a reliable Internet connection in order to post a job successfully and also to track your parcel till it reaches its destination.
  • You can track your selected runner’s location from the moment you assign a job. This has many advantages. You know when the runner is close to your location at the time of a pick-up and, thereafter, you can track your parcel as it moves on its journey to the recipient. The recipient of a parcel also receives the tracking codes and can stay informed as to exactly when the parcel will arrive.
  • It is extremely important to check the credentials and ratings of a runner before commissioning a job. Some of the best runners on the job may have over a decade of experience and it is always a good idea to select such a person.
  • Runners need to provide security bond deposits for bidding for parcels of high value. But to be extra safe, you should always enter the monetary value of an expensive parcel when you post a courier requirement.
  • After dispatching an item, be sure to use the parcel tracking system of the service to check for the recipient’s online signature to confirm successful delivery.
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Medical Centre cum Family Clinic in Carseldine

Carseldine, Brisbane suburb, is a neighbourhood which is mainly residential. And naturally people want many services to be available, the most significant among them being medical services. A Carseldine medical clinic is essential and useful for the public in the locality. There are many expectations from the society from a medical facility in terms of the doctors’ availability and the services the clinic offers.

A Medical Centre has to Offer Holistic Treatment

It has to be understood that the neighborhood clinics of the type we have taken for consideration, here are not large hospitals with beds and wards and that conduct large scale surgeries, etc. The clinic offering Carseldine health services would be a family health care facility, and you can visit for any symptoms for all members of the family. The doctors in the clinic are mostly general practitioners (GPs) and there are specialists also on the panel. The advantage with the Carseldine health clinic is that the GPs will carry out a thorough examination and where needed, they will recommend tests. The clinic would call the patients and inform if the results of the tests require further consultation with the doctor for appropriate treatment.

Fix an Appointment with the GP

If you feel ill and have to meet a GP at the Carseldine medical clinic, the best way is to book an appointment online through their website. The clinics are normally open until late in the night, say 10 or even 11pm. This is convenient in situations where you do not want to miss going to work as the ailment might not be serious but still will have to be treated. The process of fixing an appointment is very simple. There would be a menu where you need to mention the problems you are facing and for which you wish to meet the doctor. You will be able to choose the time for the appointment and then expect the clinic to get back to you with the confirmation of the appointment.

Family Doctors are Quite Thorough with their Diagnosis

When you have fixed an appointment to meet with the Carseldine family doctor for consultation, you can be rest assured that the doctor will want to take a holistic view and conduct a thorough diagnosis. As mentioned, if in doubt on any aspect, the GP will recommend that tests be done of blood or urine or both to check certain other parameters. It is after ascertaining all these factors that a suitable treatment will be proposed by the general practitioners.

carseldine medical clinic

The Carseldine medical clinic will also ensure that you are attended to as soon as you reach the clinic and someone takes your details, and that you get to meet the doctor at the appointed time. The waiting hall is made comfortable, and if you have children to be taken along, there would be a children’s play area in the clinic so that you feel less stress minding the kids, while waiting for the doctor. The fee charged by the clinics is also quite reasonable and affordable by the earning class. Make full use of any such medical facility available and stay healthy.

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Tips On How To Open A Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana is a useful treatment option for several medical conditions, including symptoms of chronic illness like pain, poor appetite, nausea and weight loss. Although it is still quite controversial, many states in the US has legalized medical marijuana use and sale from licensed dispensaries. However, it is still technically illegal in the eyes of federal law, and controversial to the public. If you want to know how to open a dispensary, you need not only deal with the common issues that plague normal retail shop owners, but the stigma that marijuana brings as well.

Running a medical marijuana dispensary is a very complicated process that needs to be navigated carefully. Although opening dispensaries are becoming quite the popular trend these days, you should still take special care if you want to open your own.

Determine if it is legal to open a dispensary in your area

Before you actually find out how to open a dispensary, first find out if such a thing is legal where you’re from. Although it has been legalized in some states, law still vary depending on city. Check your Department of Health Services to see what their laws regarding medical marijuana are.

Get all the required permits

A medical marijuana dispensary is still a business, so you need to acquire all the necessary permits for it. As with any business, location is important, so you’d want to set up shop in your city’s commercial zone. Zoning laws are complex, so find out if running a medical marijuana dispensary will put you at odds with the current laws. For example, laws in your area might forbid you in opening a dispensary close to a school or residential zone.

Determine your capacity as dispensary owner

Now that you’ve got the legal stuff down pat, you have to determine if you have the skills and values that would make for a good dispensary owner. Along with knowing how to open a dispensary, you have to be ready for the consequences of opening this type of business. It might be legal, but the social stigma will be there and some people may end up hostile towards you. Junkies may harass you and even attempt theft just to score some marijuana.

Create your business plan

Just like any business, you’d want your dispensary to succeed and earn a profit. You have to be clear on your dispensary’s goals, plans, assets and projected profits. A business plan is important so your dispensary will stay afloat for the long term. Remember, you should seek professional help if you feel like the work is too much. A lawyer and a business consultant might come in handy during tough times.

Determine what products you’re going to sell. You can stick to simple medical marijuana, or you can also sell other products. Marijuana cookies recipes for example, are popular and easy to make. Variety can be very good for a dispensary, so you should research on a marijuana recipe or two to boost your dispensary’s selection of products.

Make sure you have enough funding

The most important thing to a dispensary is the funding. Normally, you need around $250,000 – $500,000 for a dispensary, from general start-up costs to purchasing and growing the actual product. If this is too much for you, try finding partners who will invest in your business. Find ways to secure financing like loans and other things.

All of these are just basic steps on how to open a dispensary and get it up and running. After your dispensary has officially opened, you’ll find yourself running into your fare share of good times and bad times.If you need more information on managing your dispensary or simply want to look for a marijuana cookies recipe, you can visit

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Bouncing Back Onto The Dating Scene

Most people avoid talking about sexually transmitted diseases because of the fear of rejection. A number of patients suffering from herpes would therefore rather stay in seclusion than openly discuss their condition with anyone including close relatives and friends. However, this trend seems to be changing currently since people discovered herpes dating sites. In these forums, patients are free to talk about the disease without any fear of intimidation because the sites maintain top secrecy.

The first impression someone usually has when they hear one has genital herpes is that the patient has multiple sex partners. This is not true because one can get infected by the very first love of their life. Since many people do not like to be profiled this way, they prefer to keep away from the dating scene. This is different when one joins one of the numerous herpes dating sites. Since they are individuals with the same challenges, they find it easy to discuss issues openly and from there, get more knowledge on how others are dealing with the situation.

Although a number of people have information about genital herpes as well as other STDs, there is still a steady rise in the number of infections. This is an indication that when one is infected, they are not alone and should not feel intimidated. Instead, it is healthy to bounce into the herpes dating scene and enjoy life like before. With numerous dating sites, one can easily choose the site that appeal to them. Check Meet Positives for more details.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four women and one in five men is infected with genital herpes. Once a patient sees the numbers, they will know they are not alone as there are similar people in the same situation as them. This explains why there are many choices for a dating site for people who have herpes and other infections. Since the sites were created, more people are now finding solace that was previously missing in their lives.

A number of herpes patients say they never imagined in their whole lives they would contract the disease. One man said after his divorce, his very first date saw him infected with the virus. This left him betrayed and he wished to remain secluded away from the public eyes. When he confronted his girlfriend about the issue, she said her challenge had been on how to tell someone you have herpes virus for the fear of losing love. He decided to bounce into the herpes dating scene and has since accepted his condition.

It is true the realization that one has herpes leads to shock. After getting the right professional counseling and getting over it, however, many try their luck to mix with people in a similar situation. Most patients say when they realize that there are many people living positively with their condition, they get motivated. Having herpes is not the end of the world and one can still date like they used to though of course they must practice safe sex. Finding how to date someone with herpes is now less of a challenge by many patients who have discovered the right online community to belong with from one of the herpes dating sites.

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Get High Quality Care for the Aged in Nursing Homes

The social structure in certain cultures makes it almost inevitable that aged people may, at some point or the other, need to be cared for by an organized community dedicated to providing such a service. The specific causes of this can be many ranging from physical distance from immediate family members being a deterrent to receiving care from them to terminal illness. Whatever be the actual cause of aged people needing to be cared for by professionals, the quality of such care should undoubtedly be very good. Nursing homes that have been specifically operating in the sphere for decades are certainly better at handling care of the aged than other types of facilities.

nursing homes

If you are looking for aged care facilities Brisbane wide, then you will find that you have many options. A facility that has been in the business for decades and is family owned can certainly add the much-needed personal touch to the job of taking care of the aged. Not only do they function as nursing homes for the elderly, but they also provide pallative care to make a person’s final moments before death peaceful. They also provide care in sensitive cases like dementia. As anyone who has ever cared for a dementia patient knows, it is sometimes impossible to provide the same kind of professional care at home that a facility designed for the purpose can. In such cases, a patient and his or her family are both better off with the patient being taken care of in a professional facility with experienced doctors, nurses and other health workers attending to them.

But in some situations, putting an elderly patient in nursing homes may not be a practical option. In such cases, one can avail community care, which involves an aged person being cared for at home by fully trained professionals.

In fact, facilities dealing with the care for the aged usually provide both types of care.

These are as follows:

·        Residential care – In this case, the aged person actually lives in the facility and is cared for by professionals

·        Home care – The elderly person lives at home, but is cared for by professionals in the field of healthcare

These facilities provide emotional support not only to the person being cared for but to his or her family members as well. These services range from providing financial guidance regarding understanding payments for aged care to counselling on how to approach the matter.

Some of the services these facilities provide include:

·        Providing information on what aged care actually is

·        24-hour nursing services – Fully trained and accredited healthcare professionals look after the needs of the elderly

·        Providing information on managing one’s finances and understanding components of aged care charges

·        Dementia care

·        Counselling on how to approach the matter with one’s parents

·        Respite care

·        Helping individuals make the transition from home to residential care

At the end of the day, whatever the specific reasons for getting residential care for the aged, the facility should provide quality service to both an elderly person and his or her family.

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The Best First Aid for Important Events

Not many company owners understand the importance of having an Event First Aid. Many may not even be aware why they should consider having an event first aid which is understandable but whether you are an individual business owner or a huge conglomerate company planning on having events such as charity programs, running marathons, competitions, or concerts and various other events, there is the possibility that two or more casualties will surface during the event which is why having an event first aid greatly impacts on your company’s image.

Event First Aid
Event First Aid

But whatever event your company runs, there are instances when people suddenly faint, have a heart attack, or end up getting sunstroke in the middle of the event. And since these situations gravely influence your company’s image, the amount of people visiting your future events will likely decrease if you don’t handle this well.

Panoptic Solutions providing you the right systematic first aid for event, can make this seamless for you and more importantly, help you save people’s lives. Not only does the company offer first aid but security as well. The company’s personnel are medically trained and equipped to handle advanced first aid, and many of their employees are given security training as well. They’re an inclusive company handling both your security and pre-hospital medical needs. Services are designed to be cost effective while providing you with the highest standard of service for you, your company, and your event goers.

The Panoptic Solutions team has provided services within the Finance, Corporate, Legal, Mining, Film & Television, and Philanthropic industries. Their key medical staff are registered in Australia and the UK, and the company utilizes qualified Paramedics, Nurses, and Military medics with many years of clinical experiences. They are the number one choice for many obstacle and adventure racing events, and recently sponsored the Sydney to CAMberra Ride and Chain Reactions – Ultima Corporate Bike Challenge. That’s not all on what Panoptic Solutions can offer. Many film and televisions production crews always choose Panoptic Solutions when operating within Australia and overseas. This, as the company has background in defense and specialist emergency response. In partnership with Go2 Human Performance you can now enjoy a comprehensive wellness program able to provide you with a number of diagnostic modalities, and to ensure individuals, teams, and corporates maintain a healthy work/life balance and function.

Panoptic Solutions also offers industries working within remote areas a wide of range of pre-hospital first response services. They provide Security Medics for executives, celebrities, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), and individuals at risk of harm. People also count on them for Maritime Medical Support for events held on yachts, luxury liners, and cruise ships, as well as group training in conjunction with their training partners for First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis, Advanced Resuscitation, Low Voltage Rescue, and CPR. Rest assured that you are in good hands with a Panoptic Solutions staff because not only are they qualified paramedics but have 35 years of road experience over several continents.

Panoptic Solutions is an outsourced event medical support team that is based in Australia. The company provides corporate protection, travel, and security consultancy that offers you customized care for any environment. This is a privately owned company and is affiliated with several domestic and international companies worldwide. Their team is comprised of highly specialized employees having backgrounds in paramedical services, specialist law enforcement, and internationally renowned Ronin (South Africa) graduates allowing them to cover solutions for your medical, safety, and security needs. There is no better company you can find Event First Aid that can offer specialized care for your events, and provide you with the peace of mind.

You can check their website at or visit their office at Level 13, 50 Cavill Ave. Surfers Paradise, QLD Australia, 4217. You may also call them at 1-300-651-407 or send them an email at for your inquiries.

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Get Your Dream Smile with Professional Invisalign Treatment in Bondi

Invisalign treatment is literally a clear option for straightening misaligned teeth. People living in Bondi, Sydney, NSW can avail professional invisalign Bondi orthodontic treatment services at the Bio Compatible Dentistry (BCD), administered by dentists with huge passion and professional expertise on dental health services in Australia.

invisalign Bondi

This new technology makes use of “invisible braces”, which are attached on your teeth – straightening without the need for metal braces or wires. It offers numerous advantages over metal braces. The fact that they are invisible means it can be worn without anyone realizing that you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment.

On the other hand, wearing an invisalign does not impede you from cleaning your teeth or eating your favorite food. Also, this orthodontic treatment does not come with any speech impediments or self-consciousness, most likely faced by patients wearing metal braces.

How Invisalign Clear Aligners Work

Invisalign Bondi NSW teeth straightening treatment works on the same principles as the metal braces, but uses a more sophisticated treatment technique. The difference is that invisalign aligners are invisible and are more comfortable. Its designs are clear as each aligner is generated using a computer progression technique that clearly shows the progress of your treatment.

Also, the computer progression is based on 3D models of your dental formula, which are subsequently used to model invisalign clear aligners.

The Process

The orthodontists at BCD begin by taking your bite impressions. These impressions are laser-scanned and used to generate the 3D models in a computer. From the computer models, a series of clear aligners are produced, which moves the teeth progressively in a desired direction and thus, straightening it with a great deal of precision.

Between 12 and 30 aligners are used in the course of an invisalign Bonditreatment process. Each of these clear aligners should be worn for two weeks before it is replaced with the next set of aligners. Depending on the condition of your teeth, an invisalign Bondi treatment can last anywhere from 6 months to 15 months before attaining that perfect bright smile, which is of “Hollywood Quality”.

Wearing an invisalign also means fewer visits to the dentist’s. While wearing braces means that you have to visit the dentist every 3-4 weeks, visits with invisalign are less frequent as it is typically checked every 2-3 months. The invisalign should stay on at least 20 hours a day, but you can remove them to eat or clean your teeth.

Before beginning a treatment session, it is important to select a professional provider you would feel most comfortable with. This is significant as it would be someone with whom you interact on a very regular basis during the course of your invisalign treatment.

The best orthodontist is one who has received proper invisalign training. Thus, he/she can deliver orthodontic treatments with the required level of professionalism.

Why Choose BCD?

The invisalign treatment at BCD is administered by some of the finest orthodontists in Australia who are working on a cutting edge of dental care. The facility covers invisalign Sydney CBD treatments.

Moreover, anyone looking for a cosmetic dentist Mosman service can book an appointment with BCD, which has an expert team of specialists with great expertise in many areas of dentistry.

For more information, visit us at

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Essential Tips in Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Dental Needs

Your oral health is an important part of your overall well-being. With an aching tooth, smiling and eating will be a problem. A great way to keep your oral health upbeat is by visiting a dentist on a regular basis. A dentist will treat your dental problems and also help to maintain your dental cavity in good condition through regular check-ups. There are many dentists in Hoppers Crossing and choosing the right one can be a little confusing. You want a Hoppers Crossing dentist with proper academic knowledge, adequate experience, and reputation. Besides that, you want a dentist whom you can comfortably interact with. The following tips will guide you in choosing the best Hoppers Crossing dentist.

Hoppers Crossing dentist


Many Hoppers Crossing dentist have a good name, but some are just scams. You need to find out the reputation of a dentist before your make an appointment. What do the local people think of him? What do they say about him? A word of mouth is a sure and trusted way to determine a dentist’s reputation. Check patient reviews/testimonials on the dentist’s website. Are they positive or full of complaints? It is okay to choose aHoppers Crossing dentist based on the experience of other people.


How many years have the dentists been in business? How long and where did they study? Are they members of Hoppers Crossing dentists’ associations? Have they acquired any rewards in the course of their practice? You can obtain this information of the dentist’s web page in the “About Our Team” page. If the dentists are new in the practice, what does it mean to you? Would you be comfortable with their training and expertise?

Up-to-date Technology

Over the past few decades, dentistry has dramatically changed with the introduction of digital technologies. This has significantly improved the quality of care. If you belong to the digital era, you’d also want a dentist who is technology-oriented. With a dentist who uses modern techniques and equipment, procedures will be less invasive and painful and will also take less time. For instance, laser dentistry makes periodontal therapy more comfortable than traditional dentistry which used stitches and scalpels. Digital radiography, on the other hand, exposes the patient to 80% less radiation.


Before you begin the search, ask yourself the kind of services you need from the dentist. This will help you to identify a dentist who is best suited for you and your family. So, evaluate your needs and tastes before you choose a dentist. If you have small children, does the dentist handle pediatric cases? Keep in mind that some dentists do not treat small children. If you have a special dental need or an advanced dental condition, you might want to choose a specialist dentist.

Personal Traits

The personal traits of a dentist play a major role in the quality of services you receive. You may want a dentist who is friendly so that you can comfortably express all your problems and desires. Your dentists also need to be empathetic – understands that the procedures are painful, therefore, does it gently to prevent excessive pain. You also want a doctor who is clean. His office and the equipment have to be clean and modern for you to feel comfortable and safe. For more details, just visit

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