Welcome to Bastide of Villeneuve Sur

The bastide of Villeneuve sur Lot was founded by Count Alphonse de Poitiers, brother of Saint Louis, in June 1251. He received the domains of Quercy and Agenais, they were severely tested by the Albigensian crusade, in dot of his wife Jeanne de Toulouse.

Passing by the famous Benedictine abbey of Eysses, the new count decided to create a new city which would fix and protect a population strongly affected by the wars. The abbey of Eysses thus gave the lands of the right bank of the Lot in 1253 and the barons of Pujols yielded those of the left bank in 1263.

The last reticence vanquished, the birth certificate of the city was signed April 21, 1264 and the charter of customs in 1270, granting the inhabitants of broad civil liberties economic and political.

Its construction obeys a well-defined plan adopted in all the bastides of the South-West of France: an octagonal plan organized around a central place.
The originality of Villeneuve residing in his position straddling the Lot.

The bastide was endowed with stone and brick fortifications (built by the town) with city gates (built by the king) and towers after 1313.
Thus was born Villeneuve d’Eysses in the Middle Ages, which became Villeneuve d’Agen in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and Villeneuve sur Lot in 1874.
Villeneuve sur Lot today is an important and prosperous city with approximately 25,000 inhabitants. Sub-prefecture of Lot et Garonne, Villeneuve has kept over the years all its originality and its rich architectural heritage.